A Filipino Man In Dubai Has Been Arrested On Charges Of Insulting The Islamic Faith


A Filipino man charged of cursing the Islamic faith stood trial on Tuesday in the Court of First Instance. He faced two counts of cursing the faith as well as resisting arrest from two police officers whilst also threatening them saying, ‘I will let you see what I can do to you. I know important people in the country’. The 27-year-old was residing in a shared house in Al Badaa when police officers were called regarding a problem at the location.  

“We found the house was being shared by several individuals. The man who called us was the accused and he claimed a Pakistani man messed [up] with his stuff so he called the police. That man told us he asked the accused to lower the sound of music during the time of prayer in respect for its prayer’s sanctity. When he would not listen to him he turned the music off”. – Police Officer on call

After reminding the accused of the necessity to respect the cultural and religious laws of the country, it became clear to the sergeant that the man was unwilling to cooperate.

“But I was surprised by his reaction as he began to scream and talk in a provocative manner with me. He said he would not show such respect,” the sergeant told the prosecutor. “He did not like what I said and continued with his verbal abuse. He then threatened me and my colleague by saying : ‘I will let you see what I can do to you. I know important persons here’.

The officers then took the accused to the police station. The court is expected to rule on 7th February.


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